Maya Diab on Henna Awareness

Be careful with those!
August 02, 2018

Maya Diab shared her awful experience with Henna to her audience: after having a henna design drawn on her arm, she felt a very painful rash! "After I had henna painted on my hand, I thought I wasn’t allergic, so I had another one done on my arm," she said. "What I'm feeling right now is awful, I feel pain and I'm very uncomfortable."

And what we thought was a simple celebrity tantrum quickly turned into an inspirational message. "This is a lesson for all of us. Even though they tell us that henna causes allergies and is banned in many places, we still insist on having it done."

Maya Diab isn’t your typical star when it comes to topics she discusses with her audience. She doesn’t simply show off her artistic skills and beauty, she also shares her voice, and we’re not talking about the singing one! Diab provided us with information that we choose to ignore every day. She admitted having made a mistake by painting the henna on her arm, which is really important because, being a celebrity, Maya Diab has many admirers who may want to imitate her.