Cling Cling, I hear a bottle of Rosé calling
By Helena Saadeh
December 05, 2018

Self-care? It seems you forgot the meaning of it a long time ago! But don’t worry, we have here in Special Magazine a few tips for you to put you back on the healthy track.

  • Exercise

Not for losing weight, not for body shaping -these are extra- do it because it takes out all the anxiety and stress in you.

  • Eat well

Trust us, you are what you eat. If you take care of your body and what goes into it, it will show.

  • Sleep

Sleep is essential for your brain and body functioning. With all the work and tension in your everyday life it is important to make up for all the sleepless nights, with no alarms for the next day - just the thought of is relaxing!

  • Learn to say no

We sometimes force ourselves to be in situations that don’t make us feel comfortable. Learn how to say no when you don’t want something.

  • Follow your gut

The difference between where you are and where you want to be is that -calculated- risk. Do it if you believe you can because you should be your #1 supporter.

  • Master one of your hobbies

With all the busy details of our life we forget we even have a hobby. Take a time to master the art you love the most and take all your fears out using your artistic talents. You’ll be surprised to discover new talents along the way.

  • Bubble bath

Foamy bath, rose petals, your favorite candle smell…what are you waiting for?

  • Read a good book

Books give you energy and perspectives. They help you escape from any situation and transfer to a whole new world.

  • Spend time with your closest friends

Only those you love the most. It’s good sometimes to take a break from all the socializing events. Unless you don’t socialize, then we advise you to go out and meet new people.

  • Discover a place alone

Discover a place solo in order to discover yourself along the way. It would be like a reflective journey for you.

  • Write it down

Put your thoughts on paper using your own handwriting. If you write your fears they’ll fade away and you’ll be more likely to find solutions. If you write dreams, you’ll be more likely to achieve them.

  • Mirror exercise

Look in the mirror and say all the positive things you love about yourself. Notice: this should be done frequently!

  • Rosé

Umm…we don’t think this needs explanation!


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