Meet Melanie Gaydos, a Mannequin with a Rare Genetic Disorder

She made art out of her condition.
June 21, 2017

Melanie Gaydos is an art graduate born with a rare condition: ectodermal dysplasia. As a result, her pores, teeth, nails and small bones are abnormal. She also suffers from hair loss also known as alopecia and is partially blind.

However, her malformation doesn’t make her any different than other women. In case you need proof, just know that she’s a very successful model today. She’s a true phenomenon in the fashion industry. Gaydos was discovered at 27 after she responded to an advert on Craigslist looking for “unique people” for fashion photographers to shoot. One of her first modeling achievements was when she was in the background of a music video for German metal band Rammstein.

Her self-esteem is truly inspiring and brings hope to many.


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