Meet Real Life Black Barbie, Duckie Thot

The resemblance is scary!
July 06, 2017

We've all dreamed of having the beauty of a Barbie doll, but there are some lucky ones who actually look like a Barbie without opting for any surgery. Let's take Duckie Thot for example, a 21-year-old Australian model who has driven the web totally mad with her doll face. Flawless skin, large forehead, luscious lips, this woman has the look of a goddess, and we can't believe our eyes.

The human doll became viral as soon as she was on Next Top Model in 2013. Followed by more than 277,000 Instagram users, Duckie is becoming more and more famous.

"I showed her photo to my little girl, and now she wants this Barbie," posted a mom on the young Australian's Twitter account. To tell the truth, we also want to have a Barbie doll version of Duckie Thot.


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