Meghan Markle’s Sister Offers the Duchess 2019 Resolutions

Leave Meghan alone
By Helena Saadeh
January 02, 2019

It seems that the moment Meghan Markle became a part of the British Royals her initial family started attacking her non-stop. Starting from her father’s drama with the paparazzi to her sister’s “advice” for new year’s resolutions, we cannot help but wonder how does the Duchess of Sussex deal with so much pressure. It looks like Meghan and her half-sister Samantha Markle do not have quite a bond nor connections via texts or calls since Samantha sent her a new year message with the tabloids. Among the many things the half-sister said to The Daily Star Online: "Your New Year’s resolution should be to be honest and pay tribute to those who have helped you the most such as your dad. Thank him for your college education, your career, building every stage you set foot on, but really appreciate the people that care about you.” She also alleged “So many people around the world don’t have anyone who cares about them and hopefully you will count your blessings and reflect moving forward in the new year and pay that gratitude forward to your children so that they also thank you.” She added too that “It all comes full circle… it started with dad, and you can carry on the legacy."

But sadly, that’s not it. In a final conclusion, the half-sister added a shady and rude phrase stating that Meghan should “eat more chocolate to sweeten [her] disposition for the new year." The Duchess’ due date is getting closer and instead of showering her sister with love and flowers and promises, Samantha is going to release a book the day of the royal baby’s birth which will expose all their family’s private matters. We’re not sure how many people will read the book since it is such a horrible thing to do and the Duchess is being attacked a lot lately, we just wish they would leave Meghan alone as a resolution for them in 2019!


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