Michael Jackson: a Kanye West Fan?

That was so unexpected!
August 15, 2016

It seems that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was a big fan of Kanye West! Yesterday morning, Jackson’s beautiful daughter, Paris, posted a collage of her and her friend on her Instagram account. Everything seemed normal until one specific comment caught our attention: one of Paris’s fans, Corey Young, wrote: “I'm f***ing mad, screw Kanye West for knocking Michael off the chart for the most 40 hits or whatever. If Michael was still here God he would have passed Kanye.”

When Paris noticed this comment, she immediately responded, saying that her father was actually a fan of Kanye! Here is what she said: “First time I ever heard Kanye’s heartbreak album was from my dad, he played it for me all the time. He liked him. He never saw music as a competition or a game, never had a motive to talk sh*t about other artists. It was always about the love and respect and appreciation for music. So if someone breaks a new record, be happy for them. They worked hard for it and they earned it. Don't be angry or jealous. Music is music and if it's good it deserves recognition."


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