Miley Cyrus and her new Louis Vuitton AirPods

Guess we’ll start saving from now
By Helena Saadeh
February 01, 2019

Miley Cyrus has one all the more thing individuals need, including a hot survival partner and crazy singing ability: those incredibly costly Louis Vuitton AirPods before they're even out in the market. Cyrus flaunted the white set in her ear on her Instagram Story, and she was actually making the show off obvious. "Listening to my new shit on my new shit," she composed. That first "new shit" is probably her new music. The second is the wireless designer AirPods, which will retail for $995 when they turn out.

Cyrus was likely offered these from Louis Vuitton ahead of time, in spite of the fact that it's not impossible the brand let her get them early. In any case, must be awesome. Louis Vuitton, as Harper's Bazaar previously revealed, teamed up with Master and Dynamic, a New York-based sound brand organization, on the earphones. In extra to white, they will be accessible in red, dark, and yellow and blue LV stripe. Cyrus and those rich enough to burn through $995 on architect AirPods will almost certainly tune in to music for three and a half hours previously expecting to charge the Louis Vuitton earphones on the charger they accompany.

Cyrus' Instagram isn't the main articulation she's made about her new music in the most recent day, coincidentally. She left an Instagram remark not long ago exposing talk about her next single's title. Fans guessed it would be designated "About Last Night," based off the photographs Cyrus, Mark Ronson, and their companions were sharing via web-based networking media. Not the situation, Cyrus said. "My shit is much more original," she wrote.