Miley’s Rebel Phase Isn’t Gone Just Yet

Is she back to her old ways?
August 28, 2017

We’re a bit confused. Is the sweet country girl back or not? Miley Cyrus is a real phenomenon; she can go from cute and innocent to bold and rebellious just like that!
The pop star has recently posed completely naked for the cover of David LaChapelle’s book called Lost + Found. LaChapelle is an acclaimed commercial and fine-art photographer who has found inspiration stars like Miley.

The 24 year old singer was completely naked for the cover, and her private parts were slightly covered in what looked like pixie dust. Behind her, we can see a set of butterfly or fairy wings. To make the shot even more psychedelic, Cyrus sported dramatic brightly-colored makeup and curly blonde hair.

Do you think this is art or rebellion?