Miss Lebanon 2019 will be on LBCI

And a fight between Rima Fakih & Maya Reaidy
By Helena Saadeh
July 23, 2019

Miss Lebanon 2019" goes back to LBCI. Indeed, sources reveal that Miss Lebanon 2019 has been acquired by LBCI who has begun prepare for it, possibly to be in late September or October. The move came in an agreement between Tourism Minister Owadis Kedanian and Pierre Daher, chairman of LBCI. The beauty contest, which was launched in 1930, has been on the move since 1995 and Rola Saad, director of Vanilla Production, has organized a wide selection of franchise events.  Last year, MTV entered the event and broadcasted it live, with Maya Reaidy crowned as Miss Lebanon 2018. The move came after Rima Fakih and her husband Wissam Salibi entered the line and took over the organization while MTV broadcasted the event live. Fakih sent a press release announcing that she had received the position of "Miss Lebanon" chairwoman and that the competition would be supervised in all respects by "the choices of the participants and their support and preparation for the competition." It was expected that MTV would make a difference in the organization, presentation and selection of participants, but the result was disappointing compared to the advertising campaigns launched to promote the event, in addition to modifying some steps in the election process and ways of selecting the participants.