Mixing Freckles and Astrology

This is a seriously messed up beauty trend.
June 28, 2018

Freckles are a beautiful thing that some people have naturally, and it has become massively in style over the last two years. Some people would do anything to have freckles, and some are also passionate about astrology. We know, there’s no link whatsoever between those two things, but the world of beauty doesn’t seem to notice. The latest beauty trend involves tattooing freckles of your star sign... Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, THIS comes up! 
Jessica Knapik is the one behind this bizarre beauty craze. She calls her idea AstroFrecks (to be fair, that’s an ingenious name). The artist tattoos dots on her clients’ faces, and when you look closely, those dots hide their star sign. Those tattoos are semi-permanent, so the dots will fade over time, which will make them look more natural.
Knapik shared a photo of one of her clients with the following caption: “Introducing AstroFrecks. Hide the constellation of your astrological sign in your freckles! It’ll be our secret! You could even do the sign of your mom, dad, dog? Haha.” Can you picture anyone saying “I’m going to get a tattoo of my dog’s star sign”? At this point, we can expect anything.