Must-Have Items

By Janine Ayoub
November 18, 2018

An It-Bag, a precious jewel, a piece of furniture blending art and design, a dress made out of pure passion… five artistic figures unveiled for us their favorite items for this season.


Designer of the bag-brand Lina Brax.

 She is always searching for emotions and she states that she is a modernized classic designer. Her bags are chic, timeless, and have a story with a twist that makes all the difference.

What’s the story behind that piece?

My new collection entitled 7 (or VII) is born out of a spiritual principle. We all have our chance and we have to grab it and cherish it. We must maintain it in order to allow other chances to find us. I highly believe that positivity can only generate positivity. People do not realize that, and sadly we tend not to focus on what’s important: our capacities and our strength. This collection is all these combined.

“Love at first sight”?

I am in love with what I do and I do it with a lot of passion. My bags define finesse in quality and ways in which they are conceived. I always try to give them life. the designs are born out of stories I try to imagine. Yes, I am a big dreamer searching for emotions. This is why adding this vibration to my handbags is very crucial. I create “love at first sight”.

What’s your definition of style?

 It is a way of being, in all times, in all circumstances. For me, style starts with a vision that is projected in ways that differentiates each designer: a blend between character and personality. I find emotions very important in style. It is what we feel when we meet someone, when we observe a painter, or when we buy a designer bag. My style is rather classic with a well-studied artifice: the colors have to blend well and be comfortable to look at. I am searching for an originality that stays coherent in time and not just for a limited period. I consider myself a "modernized classic".




Founder of the concept store One Melrose

The general manager of BCBGMAXAZRIA-Lebanon and the multi-brands boutique One Melrose knows how to invest in timeless, affordable, and chic pieces.

What’s the story behind that piece?

This combination is part of the fall 2018 collection of Hervé Léger. I am very enthusiastic about this collection because it presents new special piece while conserving the DNA of the brand, distinguished among many others.

 “Love at first sight”?

Hervé léger is an emblematic and well-known brand. Their challenge is to know how to reinvent their style since their public is limited to a specific style: the bandage-dress. The particularity of the dress and of the new collection is that they are an innovative yet, they preserve the DNA of Hervé léger. It’s a combination and not a dress, it conserves the bandage which gives a great shape for women. On a personal level, I adore the sexy items and this combination is the definition of sexiness.  

What’s your definition of style?

It is a way to introduce yourself without saying a word, it is the way you present yourself, whether it’s your appearance or the way you behave. Style is related to fashion. However, fashion is for everyone while style is individual. Fashion is renewed every season while style is what you personally choose. This is what differentiates people.




Co-director of the “world of Yvan Tufenkjian”

Pieces that tell feelings, inspirations, parts of your life. the refined and purified creations of the World of Tufenkjian talk mostly about love.

What’s the story behind this creation?

This bracelet was just created by the World of Yvan Tufenkjian and it’s a part of its latest collection. It’s a real love at first sight for the design, the stones, and the know-how which led to the creation of this magnificent piece.

“Love at first sight”?

This form reminds me of the infinite flux of growth and positivity, like a majestic echo. “everything is a constant flux on this earth. Nothing keeps the same unchanging shape.” Said Jean Jacques Rousseau.

What’s your definition of style?

It exalts self-confidence, the courage of not following trends nor imitate other. It is to be your own idol in a world where we listen to no one but the “Influencer”.




Founder of NG art studio

She brings a touch of originality and creativity to personalized items. The narrative quality of her art is a true anthem of life.

What’s the story behind this creation?

This piece was inspired by the movie Avatar. The style, the colors, the wild flowers… all the elements of this iconic movie were my source of inspiration for the creation and painting of this piece.

 “Love at first sight”?

The rigid fabric of this cape led me to treat it, not just like any other cloth, but like an artist’s canvas. This is why you see the big touches of paintbrush and wide shadows.

What’s your definition of style?

Style is a reflection of the person’s character. In my opinion, style evolves but never changes!




Artistic manager and owner of “Home of H”

The collection of the gallery for this season is inspired by the title “love with colors”. What is love without a kiss? What is kiss without the love? Let’s dive in the atypical world of Alfred Zakhour.

What’s the story behind this creation?

This special piece is inspired by the lips. Its form and its structure, coming from a simulation of the human’s lips, are elevated from the ground by minimalist golden legs. It’s like an emphasis on a message of love. What love? The one a person feels for himself! Because the significance of the piece projects after all the love of the home and the love of the self.

 “Love at first sight”?

While growing up, I had a favorite color in mind: violet. Home of violet also offers this piece in red and green, but I chose to show this one because this color is the definition of charm and the sophistication of elegance. Its inspiration and its form represent me and reflect my vision of what a house should embody.

What’s your definition of style?

Every piece in our boutique are carefully selected by me, creating the trends of the years to come depending on my own vision.  I firmly believe that style is in constant evolution and it’s adapted to its surrounding ambiance. A little change can give you style.  Adding a piece of color can completely change your interior.  To be up-to-date, it’s required to highlight positive changes for you and your home.


Pictures by: Patricia Nawar