Myriam Fares, what we know about her disease

Her fans are shocked
August 10, 2018

After Elissa’s cancer revelation, Lebanon woke up to a devastating news. The queen of the stage, singer Myriam Fares might be affected with a serious disease. Some sources are talking about acute leukemia and terminal cancer, other are mentioning bone disease. Fans are worried about the singer’s weight loss and all the mystery surrounding her absence and launched the Hashtag (#Myriam Tamnina or Myriam reassure us.

The first official statement of her manager, Roula Fares, mentioned on MBC, didn’t deny nor confirmed her disease, saying “Myriam is very tired and is undergoing treatment”. What we already know is that Myriam has already canceled a number of concerts and has no tour expected for this summer. Myriam Fares even had to cancel a show at the Casino du Liban scheduled for June 27 to "undergo surgery" for the second time in a year. Myriam has only been posting throwback pictures on her Instagram account, raising her fans suspicion.

Get well soon Myriam, we miss you!