Nadine Al-Rassi had an Awful Week

She's lucky to be alive!
September 07, 2018

The Lebanese actress/singer Nadine Al-Rassi has been having a very difficult couple of weeks, so much that she thought life wasn't worth being lived anymore... Sad but true: she tried to commit suicide this week. What’s even worse is that it was her birthday a few days ago.

Another shocking piece of information about the star: rumor has it that her own son Mark beat her in front of some people recently. She posted on social media a voice note of her, in tears, accusing her son of beating her. “The young man I fought for all my life beat me, then took the car and left. I told Mark’s friends to ask him for my car back, but I didn’t tell them about the money he owes me, just the car”.

Moments later, Mark replied in a voice recording to deny his mother’s statement, saying: “God bless you, mother. Don’t think I’m not sad that I’m seeing you in this awful state. As soon as you got out of the hospital, I didn’t know what had happened or why you did this, I stayed 4 days and 4 nights in the hospital and I didn’t get a single night of sleep”. He then continued, “You were the one hitting me, and I was the one defending myself. I told you that you were hitting me, and you said ‘who are you?’ And when I left all you wanted were the car keys.”

We don’t have any details about the suicide attempt, but we’ll surely fill you in when we have them! In the meantime, we wish Nadine Al-Rassi a quick recovery.