Nadine Labaki Earned Massive Standing Ovation at Cannes

The movie she directed deserves a Palme d’Or!
May 18, 2018

Lebanese director Nadine Labaki is never afraid of sharing controversial social matters through her movies, and it wasn’t any different this time. The movie is called “Capharnaum” and it’s a true masterpiece!

Following its premiere at the Cannes Festival on May 17, the drama earned a massive 15-minute standing ovation. Yes, 15 whole minutes! Those who have seen the movie are saying she’ll win the Palme d’Or for sure, and those who haven’t are counting the minutes for it to be available in cinemas. The distributor is expected to campaign the movie for next year’s best foreign language Oscar.

There are still a few days left for the results to come out... We're obviously rooting for our Nadine!