Nadine Nassib Njeim has been hacked

And the offender has been found
By Helena Saadeh
May 04, 2019

Nadine Nassib Njeim posted via her account on Instagram, announced that she had retrieved her account from the "hacker." Njeim published a picture of "The Haters” attached to her comment: "With the help of God I managed to retrieve my account.”  The Instagram account of the star was hacked for more than 24 hours , and one of the hackers changed all the information on it. Njeim's technical team has restored the account pursued by more than 7.2 million people with the help of Instagram management. For her part, Njeim told her followers through Twitter that her account had been hacked. "My account is still pinched, but I have revealed the name of the perpetrator, God is great."


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