Nadine Njeim in a new Ramadan series

Doctor or Deputy?
By Helena Saadeh
March 15, 2019

Nadine Njeim published a picture of her on her Instagram feed, teasing her fans about her upcoming series "khamse w noss" (by Eman Said and directed by Philip Asmar and the production of "Sabah Ekhwan"). The Lebanese actress called on her followers to wait for her new project in the month of Ramadan.

But it seems that despite the confidentiality of the details of the series, rumours say that Nadine will play an oncologist and then become a deputy in parliament. Moutassem Al Nahar will play the role of "Bodyguard" who will establish a relationship with Nadine’s character. For his part, Qusay Kholi looks like he will be playing the role of a rich young man with power and money.

On the other hand, it seems that the leaks of Ramadan serials began to bother the producer Sadiq Sabbah, owner of the company "Sabbah brothers."