Nadine Njeim, the untameable lioness

Enthusiastic and extremely passionate.
By Janine Ayoub
July 19, 2016

The actress who's gifted with a wild and magestic beauty quickly became one of the most famous stars on TV and her maturity helped her pursue the best roles. We had the privilege to meet the whole and authentic Nadine Njeim, as we have always known her.


Is acting something that can be learned or is it an innate gift?

I personally haven't had any training, but I gained an experience that grew stronger role after role. I am also self-taught, I did a lot of reading and research on the domain but I think that acting is a gift that must be innate and evolves with perseverance and hard work. I never stop learning, and each role gives me something new. This is where lies the beauty of this business.


You are shining on the red carpet, you're in the spotlight all day long but you're also a mother. How do you manage to find enough time for your professional and your family life?

I'm like any other working women. I give the equal share of things. First of all, I refuse to compare my professional life to my family life. Fame is ephemeral while family is eternal. Like any modern and active woman, my goal is to fulfill my professional dreams while passing on my most cherished values to my children and my family. It's that kind of commitment that characterizes women. A woman has the prowess to lead a successful career while managing the schedule of her family, going to the dentist, school meetings, helping with homework etc.


An old interview in which you criticize sexually active girls before marriage has resurfaced lately and created a controversy on social networks. Could you explain your point of view?

This is a topic I did not want to discuss. This interview is over 4 years and has only resurfaced to ruin my reputation. In fact, it has been edited and the montage that you have seen omitted the main idea of my argument which defends active women and promotes gender equality. I brought up the topic of discrimination against women in Lebanon, from professional equality between men and women, the right to realize their dreams and to be ambitious, their rights in the religious court for example, in the education of their children, in the transmission of their nationality...

As for the sexual life, I gave my personal opinion about my own daughter who I educate according to my family values and my beliefs. Everyone is free to express their own thoughts without being attacked! Today, with the ease of communication and the dangers of Internet, the education of our young girls and boys is becoming more and more difficult. Regarding my daughter, I give her the freedom that's suitable for her age without skipping any steps. In contrast, a boy inevitably requires experience, but this does not mean I will not give the same attention to my son... Establishing boundaries doesn't necessarily mean imposing an archaic education. We belong to a society that shares values and principles. I myself am the fruit of this education which I think helped me become a balanced and a radiant woman. This is the education that I want my children to instill into.