Nail trends for 2019

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By Helena Saadeh
January 20, 2019

The CD nails

In a digital world, it’s good to have so nostalgia to the 90’s. Jessica Washick created the ultimate nail design which is the “CD nails” and it got us all in love with it. It’s metallic and punky, and at the same time it’s another way of adopting the French nails classic.

BW squares nails

A little edgy and too stylish, the BW squares on nails is Kate Spade’s 2019 hot deal. Formal and unprecedent, this look is a bit hard to pull but once mastered, your hands will seal the deals! Make sure you match it with similar colors and patterns because you don’t want too much forms.

Pearl nails

Fancy and elegant, pearls know how to make your attire even more formal and royal. You just have to be careful with your nails but it will surely spice up your entire look.

Scribbles on nails

Jeremy Scott always has something new to add in this industry, scribbles on nails is very punky and eccentric that it became the trend for the season. This is the perfect balance between full manicure and designs on nails.

Crystal Clear

Even though this crystal acrylic trend makes it seem like there should be more polish, the pinkish glossy color makes it a mood for this season. This look would definitely be different in matte therefore it’s more preferable to keep it glossy. This is a soft color for steady and casual days.


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