Nail trends of the season

Do your shopping in style
By Helena Saadeh
December 03, 2018

This is the season to meet and greet friends & family, make sure your handshakes are neat and clean, and fashionable! Here are fives ways to add class to your nail trends

  • Burgundy for wine

Fireplace, cold, cheese and wine…the burgundy nail polish was created for such occasions. Make sure you add a layer of gloss so that they look stunning as you hold you wine glass in form of the fire.

  • Metallic for parties

People go to party to dance the night away and forget all the boring routines. Here’s an additional way to make a party pop! Make sure to add a metal detail to the nail polish you wore because this will get you a VIP seat on the table of fashion queens!

  • Sexy red for dates

Who said only red lipsticks are attractive? Grab a bite with your date in style and polish your nails with a bright red color – glossy or matte- depending on you style.

  • Glittery for occasions

Glitters and sparks, a woman’s two favorite words. Whether it’s a wedding or any other celebration, classy glitter nails are bound to make you stand out. A piece of advice: make sure you don’t wear an all sparkly outfit! Try to match your nails with a simple dress.

  • Nude for everyday

Each day has its own style. The ideal nail polish that matches all of them is nude. This color is classy, royal, and all-time trendy. Save the day with nude polish and make the best out of the holiday season!