Nawal Al Zoghbi’s daughter made an appearance in her show

Congratulations on the reconciliation
By Helena Saadeh
March 09, 2019

The opening ceremony of Nawal Al Zoghbi's album "Keda Bay", held by Rotana, witnessed the surprise presence of her daughter Tia. "I love her so much, she is my daughter and I am always beside her" Nawal said in response to a question in the program "mbctrending" about her daughter's attendance at the launch of the new album. Tia appeared holding her mobile phone and on her wrist a tattoo of her mother's name "Nawal" inked in English, which is a symbol of the extent of the daughter's relationship with her mother, and reconciliation was between them. The album includes 10 songs, including 7 in the Egyptian dialect, and collaborations with Ayman Bahgat Amar, Amr Mostafa, Amir Taaima, Nadim El Shaeri and Khaled Taj El Din.