Nearly All Married Women Have Faked an Orgasm

And men too!
June 30, 2017

White lies are said over and over in all types of relationships, whether it's between friends or lovers. It's far from being something to be proud of, but this does not prevent us from doing it again. Yes, we lie all the time, even while having sex!

It turns out that nearly 73% of wives have simulated an orgasm with their husbands more than once, and men are not spared either. Apparently, 30% of men have also rigged their wives in the same way. So faking your own pleasure has become a trend, which leads us to think that today's sexual life is nothing but a big pile of hypocrisy.

The problem is sometimes a lack of synchronization; if the man reaches orgasm before the woman, she might feel the obligation to simulate hers to avoid decreasing the level of excitement in bed. Also, male pleasure isn't as mechanical as you think. Men can also go through problems of this sort, and therefore would try to overcome this obstacle by also simulating an orgasm.