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Feel the Spring
By Helena Saadeh
March 29, 2019

Eclectic, sexy and fun, it is through these words that the creative duo behind the brand Rat & Boa describes the essence of their label, fruit of their friendship and their common passion for travel. Devoting itself to imagining a singular storytelling sun-drenched clichés, the brand is betting on a fashion halfway between fast-fashion brands and designer creations in vogue, at affordable prices.

From Mexico to Cuba via Marrakech for the latest collection called Mirage ... Over each of its capsules, edited in ultra-limited edition, Rat & Boa calls to travel. Launched in 2015 by two friends from Britain, Valentina Muntoni and Stephanie Cara Bennett, the young label has established itself on the fashion scene since 2016, while Kendall Jenner appears in Coachella wearing the label’s leather shorts. From Emily Ratajkowski in little floral dress to Kylie Jenner in leopard slip dress to Imaan Hammam or Candice Swanepoel ... Resolutely one of the top models and influencers’ favorite young brands, Rat & Boa seized Instagram and conquered the fashion sphere. A bohemian and eclectic fashion that comes at the right time before the kick-off of the festival season.


Who wore Roberto Cavalli better?
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