Office love

June 26, 2018

Mix work with pleasure? Between risk, fantasy and love-seeking couples, a good old office affair is the star topic of gossip among colleagues. What if the man in your life was a few feet away from your computer?
With an average of eight hours per day spent in the office, we must say that the professional world is a good place to build relationships that are more than friendly. In his book "Cupidon au travail", Loïck Roche, Ph.D. in Psychology and Philosophy and Deputy Director of Grenoble Ecole de Management, explains that the probability of meeting at the workplace is much greater than any other environment.
"The company promotes the development of informal and extra-professional relationships in the workplace: the multiplication of pots, on the occasion of a birthday, an event, a success, a departure or an arrival, evenings, residential seminars," he notes in his book. Between late-night meetings, work dinners, symposiums and evenings with colleagues, it is increasingly easy to cross the fine line between work and private life. With the requirements of the professional world, we rarely have time to get acquainted outside the workplace!
Also, we all make an extra effort to go to work. We dress appropriately, we wear makeup, and we very quickly find ourselves in a game of seduction with our colleagues. In addition, most of our days are spent in the office, without counting the meetings or symposiums away from worries of everyday life such as children and couple problems, which can sometimes awaken a beginning of an extra-marital relationship. Having the opportunity to confide in someone, to have open communication and a close relationship are more fundamental elements of the intimate relationships that develop first between co-workers.
Nearly one-third of couples meet in the workplace according to a study conducted by the Monster job site. According to the study, these last twelve years have seen a marked increase in intimate relationships at work. The survey concludes that the business world would facilitate relationships, since one in four employees claims to have already fallen in love with one of their co-workers.