Our Favorite Celebrity Father/Daughter Moments

Those daughters and daddies are adorable!
June 20, 2017

Seeing celebrity dads gushing about their daughters like that is the best thing ever, especially with Father’s Day coming up. Enjoy our favorite dad/daughter moments!
The moment Harper decorated David Beckham’s hair
A few years back, when the proud daddy was new to Instagram, he posted the most adorable picture of him and his daughter Harper. The snap shows Harper’s little hands decorating David’s hair with bows and hairbands while he is trying to relax after his 40th birthday bash. The photo may be a little old, but we will never forget this sacred photo of a father and his beloved daughter!
Ryan Reynolds’ Iconic Dad Jokes
Since Ryan Reynolds became a dad, all he does is posting cheesy dad jokes on Twitter about his daughter James. We still love him though! Here is one of his most memorable tweets: “I’d walk through fire for my daughter. Well, not FIRE, because it’s dangerous. But a super humid room. But not too humid, because my hair.”
The moment Barack Obama embarrassed his daughter on Live TV
Back in October 2016 when Barack Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the former president shared an embarrassing, but hilarious, story about a talk he had with his daughter Sasha. “One night at dinner, we’re sitting there, and I had read that Snapchat was becoming really popular among her age cohort," Obama explained. "So I said, 'So tell me about Snapchat,' so she starts explaining stuff."
"And then I started talking to Michelle about the implications of social media and what all this means," he continued. "Come to find out she was recording us the whole time and then sent it to her friends afterward, 'This is my dad lecturing us on the meaning of social media,' and she took a picture of herself sort of looking bored, you know..."