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You choose the song that will put you in the mood.
January 24, 2017

Because it is cold outside, very very cold, and because torrid nights are the best solution, we have selected for you a few titles that will make you want to make love. Sensual, soft or caliente, you choose the song that will put you in the mood.

1- Britney Spears - I'm a slave for you
I made love for the first time on this song, I was 16 years old ... So every time I hear it I have goose bumps! Jenny, 30 years old.
What we think: This is perhaps the only non girly Britney song, so we approve.

2- Chris Isaak - Wicked games
Impossible to stay put when this song plays! Roula, 42 years old.
What we think: just closing your eyes and seeing Chris Isaak and Helena Christensen in the video clip of this song, makes you want to make love!

3- Gotan Project - Santa Maria Tango (Del Buen Ayre)
A good mix of caliente tango and electronic music for some hot action! Carine, 38 years old.
What we think: it's hot, it's sensual, it only inspires one desire: to make love again and again.

4- Joe Cocker - You can leave your hat on
Cliché maybe but for a fan of striptease like me, nothing better to put me in the mood. Fady, 35 years old.
What we think: the raucous voice of Joe Cocker and the unrivaled scene of Kim Basinger's hot striptease make it a cult piece.

5- Marvin Gaye - Sexual healing
Old is gold! This one is a must! Wissam, 45 years old.
What we think: Yes for Sexual Healing or any other tube of Marvin Gaye, the king of sensuality.

6- Olivia Newton John - Physical
There's something magical about these oldies that makes me want to make love! Andrew, 25 years old.
What we think: Physical makes us think of a nice session of aerobics, and it is preferred in this register, we prefer Relax don't do it by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. But hey, each one has his trick to warm up the atmosphere.

7- Serge Gainsbourg – Je t’aime moi non plus
Gainsbourg, classy! This song always makes me want to unleash myself and make love like a madman! Georges, 42 years old.
What we think: whether we like Gainsbourg or not, this song is pure eroticism.

8- Beyoncé - Baby Boy
Beyoncé is the sex symbol par excellence, so make love on these sensual notes ... a crazy thing! Jad, 29 years old.
What we think: we would adopt this tube in the foreplay, and more precisely in a beautiful lascivious dance, just to spice things up a little.

9- Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
A piece to give her fever for hours! Ghassan, 27 years old.
What we think: This song (among others by Massive Attack) is really hot, and as their songs are rather long, it leaves us time to make the temperature rise slowly but surely.

10- Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
Sexy rhythm, naughty humor and its video clip is both funny and erotic. Céline, 26 years old
What we think: rather average lyrics but aphrodisiac rhythm!