Outfits for 2019

Start your year in style
By Helena Saadeh
December 30, 2018


The Balenciaga Spring 2019 collection gave us a show to remember. Starting from the classy sophisticated look, the contrast between the green and the black is sure to make you noticed. There is a balance between the strapless dress and the neck scarf attached to it. The house of fashion added a bit to white to the purse, held with sparkly nails.


Burgundy, white, and pastel. The pattern combination between the colors creates a harmony in the leather dress. The white patch sewed in the middle gives a belt feel to the outfit which is a fully designed. No need for extra make up and outstanding shoes, you can relieve yourself from all these preparations as you need to keep things simple.


As we already discussed, leather is still trending in 2019 and you have to master the art of combination. This coat dress is the perfect mix and match of fabrics and colors since the secret to stand out is contrast. The patches of leathers and the wide sleeves give it a more formal look.

Isabel Marant

Blending colors and fabrics is so delicate, yet if you do it correctly, you’ll end up looking fab. Leather and pastel seem to hit every runway for the Spring 2019 shows. Matching sequences are out in 2019, and wearing the same patterns on the tops and on the pants are not required anymore.


You’re never fully dressed without a smile accessories. Chanel puts it right and blends feminine with fierce. Flowers and girly patterns are back, but with a dash of audaciousness. Put these hoop earrings and do that half bun and you’re done.