Pascal Mouawad: Gardian of Values

By Hanane Tabet
August 29, 2018

He represents, with his two brothers, the fourth generation of the prestigious Mouawad diamond house. Rigor, patience, discretion and perfectionism are part of the DNA of Pascal Mouawad, co-guardian of the brand.

You were born into a family that gained a place in the world of jewelry. What are the advantages?
My father passed on his passion for jewelry to my brothers and myself. It was certainly a huge privilege and, at the same time, a great responsibility to take charge of the family business in 2010. A strong bond binds us and our roles really complement each other - Fred is the co-guardian of the Diamond division, Alain is at the head of the Watches division and I took over as co-guardian of the Retail division and each of us brings his know-how and creativity to the brand.

Your favorite piece from your collections?
The Grande Ellipse Galaxy watch. This piece perfectly embodies the heritage and craft of Mouawad, combining our watchmaking know-how with our passion for diamonds. The Grande Ellipse line was our first launch in Watches, and therefore it will always have a deep meaning for us. When it comes to choosing a watch, for me it's more than a simple choice, it's about wearing a timeless, masculine piece - which the Great Ellipse represents with excellence. Watches are man's best friend, just as diamonds are for the woman.

What are your sources of inspiration?
My travels. When you immerse yourself in exploration, it pushes your imagination and elevates creativity to new heights. Sometimes it's the great universal themes of life that inspire us for a new collection, such as the heart symbol for our Flower of Eternity collection, but very often it's the stones themselves. Mouawad House has been home to some of the most beautiful jewels in the world over the last 127 years, and the most dazzling stones naturally occupy a central place in exceptional pieces designed to pay homage to their magnificence. I also believe in the creation of trends and not in following them - it's about having a vision that can take the essence of the classic piece but give it a resolutely contemporary look, while ensuring a timeless appeal.
Your future projects?
We are constantly expanding with new boutiques around the world, the most recent being the Genevan shop on Rue du Rhône 8, as well as the new generation shop on Foch street in the heart of Beirut with new dazzling boutiques on the horizon.


Photos Mohamad Seif