People are Pissed at This Makeup Artist and Here's Why

They’re calling him a racist!
July 05, 2017

Makeup artist @paintdatface has recently uploaded on Instagram a before – after picture of a white girl of whom he darkened the skin to show the transformation he could accomplish with his talent. However, people started calling him a racist because of the skin tone change. He didn’t mean to make a harmful statement to black people, but Instagram users just love to throw shades at everybody who is anybody. 
Following the furious comments, he replied: "this is about one woman acknowledging, embracing and celebrating the culture of another woman."

This makeup artist could have easily used a model of color to show off his skills, but what he wanted to show was that he’s able to make people think that he could make a white model look black, and it worked! If he had only put the ‘after’ picture, we would’ve literally thought that the woman was actually black. We don’t see any racism there, in the contrary; his authentic art proves that he’s promoting dark skin. Besides, he wouldn’t have wasted a whole set of foundation if he didn’t actually like the color.

A real piece of art is unpredictable, sometimes outraging to the public’s eyes, and this is what makes it the work of a true artist. Even though some people are repelled by this so-called racist move, we still think that @paintdatface is phenomenal.