Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Ad is a Must-See

… because it was so awful!
April 06, 2017

Pepsi has launched a new commercial, and unlike their many other ads, it wasn’t that successful. Actually, it was a big fail. Although it featured the world-famous reality star and model Kendall Jenner, that didn’t stop us from totally hating Pepsi’s new attempt.

During the short film, Jenner shows off her modeling skills just before taking off her blonde wig and joining a protest. The star then gives a cop a Pepsi can which… led everyone to stop the protest. So, this single can of soft drink managed to miraculously bring everyone together… We should’ve thought of this years ago! Think, people! Think!

As you can imagine, it was not long before the whole web knew about this awful ad, and the memes and critics increased by the minute.

Even the son of legendary activist Martin Luther King, Bernice King, has participated in this Pepsi humor: “If only Daddy would have known about the power of Pepsi”, he wrote on Twitter.

Be sure to watch the video, and tell us whether you laughed or cried, because we did both.