Perez Hilton Exposes Demi Lovato

We smell tension...
July 26, 2016

Perez Hilton didn’t think twice before violating Demi Lovato’s privacy and wrongfully exposing her DMs on his Twitter account. The star even called her “petty”.

Apparently, this little feud was about the controversy between Lovato and Mariah Carey: it all started when Ariana Grande was called “a watered down version of Carey”. Lovato came to her defense saying that Grande was nothing like Carey whom she called “nasty” and “unnecessarily rude”.

Perez Hilton liked a tweet that shed light on the Carey/Lovato controversy on Monday, and Lovato told him in a private DM to “let it go already”. Instead of apologizing like any rational person would, the blogger couldn’t resist but share his opinion: “If you’re petty and vocal about it, you’re inviting criticism and the public commenting on your words and actions!” said the reporter. “Also, if you don’t like the tweets I like, block me boo! P.S: Maybe spend less time on Twitter too!” 
Demi tweeted as a response: “@PerezHilton do something with your life."