Pimple alert!

Don't you just hate it?
September 09, 2016

One zit can ruin our week! How can we cure and hide this hideous pimple?



In the evening, we get rid of all impurities and in the morning we wake up the skin with a fresh morning toilet.

For dry skins, prefer milks, oils and thermal waters.

For sensitive skins, opt for milk without rinsing.

For mixed or oily skins, avoid milk and nourishing creams.

For an efficient cleaning of the skin, add to your daily routine a gentle exfoliation per week and a purifying mask every two weeks.



Never touch your zit! We can’t repeat this enough, but most of us will eventually give in... Dry the pimple by applying a convenient product twice a day. If you have yielded to the temptation and decided to get rid of this enormous pimple, at least be sure to have clean hands and use a tissue to avoid spreading bacteria which will only worsen the situation.



Until this hideous thing disappears, cosmetics offered us beautiful little magic tricks. Just apply a little concealer to hide the red spot. If the pimple is truly catastrophic and nothing seems to work, it's time to take the big measures: the redness corrector stick with a green tint which you will apply before your concealer. For a successful camouflage, finish with some foundation and a little powder for a matte complexion.