Postpartum depression, a syndrome not to neglect

September 16, 2016

When you are supposed to be thrilled to be mom, you suddenly feel down and can’t even remember why you decided to be a mom at the first place?
Sensitivity, insomnia, lack of interest in your newborn but also a sense of guilt that is eating you alive?

Without really knowing why, you find yourself suddenly unable to perform daily tasks, you avoid you newborn and you can’t find even feel that maternal instinct everybody is talking about?

Postpartum depression or postpartum is a real disease that today affects one out of four women. This disease usually occurs three to six weeks after childbirth and can last from three months to one year.


What are the signs of postpartum depression?
• Sensitivity and sudden emotional swings
• The feeling of being unhappy, afraid of being a bad mother. Weight loss or changes in appetite.
• Insomnia, difficulty sleeping.
• Decreased interest in your newborn.
• A feeling of guilt
• Exhaustion
• The feeling you want to cry all the time, and you prefer being alone
• Anxiety


What to do to get out of this depression?
• Rest as much as possible. Delegate tasks that your new mommy role inculcates. Talk to your husband even if it's hard for him to understand how you feel, ask him to take over just the time for you to adapt to the situation.
• Do not be embarrassed to ask for help from your mother, your friends… Sharing difficulties helps feeling better.
• Take care of yourself, pamper yourself. Plan a romantic getaway with your husband, to remember the reason why you decided to be a mom.
• Talk to your doctor. No, you he will not look at you as the evil selfish mom. Professionals such as your doctor, a psychologist or psychotherapist can help.