Prince Philip Retires at 96

A well-deserved break.
August 02, 2017

It's official; Prince Philip retired from his royal duties on Wednesday, August 2. Having spent 65 years in the castle, the Prince holds the longevity record of the sovereign spouses of the United Kingdom.
The husband of Queen Elizabeth II attended his last royal engagement this morning during the Royal Navy parade in which he served during the Second World War. It was during an official visit of the royal family to the military school in Darmouth, where Prince Philip began his military career, that the British Queen, 13 years old at the time, met him for the first time.
The latter has made a change thanks to his numerous royal engagements over the years. Not only did he support Queen Elizabeth II for 65 years, but he also made 637 official visits abroad, more than 5,500 speeches and 22,219 pledges.