Priyanka and Nick are stealing the wedding spotlight

And we thought only royals had “royal” weddings
By Helena Saadeh
November 14, 2018

With all the royal news we’ve been following in the past few weeks, we cannot deny that the wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas is stealing the spotlight. The preparations are happening very quickly and the luxury of the parties is blowing our minds. Here’s what we can tell:

To start with, we can all agree that the bride and the groom come from different religious background. Therefore, two ceremonies will be held: one following the Hindu traditions and the other following the Christian rituals. What we can say about the first ceremony is that it will take place on the 2nd of December, in a dreamy like location in the jewel of India, Jodhpur, at Rajasthan’s Mehrangarh fort. The couple got their wedding license from the US in order to proceed with the preparations. Meanwhile, the public is googling the location and expecting a fantasy invitation for that “royal” wedding.

But the families seem to blend well together. Nick’s mother expressed her gratitude for having Chopra as a daughter-in-law and Parineeti, the bride’s sister, is joking publicly on social media with her future brother-in-law about a 5 million USD pair of shoes. The story behind that? An Indian tradition where the shoes of the groom are hidden by the bride’s sisters and will only be returned when the groom will pay the amount of money the sisters-in-law stated! However, in respond to the sum Parineeti demanded, Nick said he’ll only give her 10 dollars.

The couple has worked a lot in order to make their wedding day a fairytale. The amount of passion and love is obvious in all the pre-wedding parties and pictures where Nick and Priyanka became #CoupleGoals.