Procrastination, or the art of putting things off until later

This might happen to everyone.
September 05, 2016

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Procrastination is to systematically delay the important things you have to do and to always find something better to do instead! This might happen to everyone. But when this behavior becomes chronic, it can be a real handicap in your professional and personal life.

Procrastination is not necessarily a stigma for some people who need the urgency stress the urgency to be productive or effective, as long as they respect its deadlines. Indeed, for some, working under pressure and boosting their adrenaline level allow them to multiply their creativity. This type of procrastination concerns the perfectionists who are always unsatisfied with their own performance, and therefore, always will put work off until later, hoping to do it better next time.

Procrastination can be a real problem when it becomes chronic, and can have a major impact on your professional and private life.

Some tips can help you get out of procrastination:

The agenda is a very good solution against procrastination. Write down a list of tasks to perform.

You want to send this last what’s app message to your friend, check out your Insta account, a tweet here, a picture there ... Log out of all your online temptations that might distract you and get some work done!

Anticipate the unexpected, what if you get sick tomorrow? You will need to rest and will not be able to complete the job on time. What you can do right away, do it right away!

Another technique: divide your work into small tasks easier to perform.

Finally, do not hesitate consulting a specialist, procrastination can sometimes be an alert for a deeper depression problem.


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