Queen Rania of Jordan: Most iconic looks

Royalty incarnated in a lady
By Helena Saadeh
December 16, 2018

Let’s be honest here, Queen Rania of Jordan has never made a fashion faux-pas. And while the world is gazing towards Meghan and Kate, our eyes are all over the Arabian Queen. Fairly, if we want to show you all of her looks, we need more than just a gallery.

For the Ein Herz Fuer Kinder Gala, Queen Rania wore a long-sleeve embellished dress

Queen Rania of Jordan looked dazzling in her long-sleeve embellished dress and half-updo during the Ein Herz Fuer Kinder Gala. The blending of colors, make up, and accessories in perfectly mastered as she balanced between soft and embellished very professionally.

Queen Rania wore a Givenchy Haute-Couture Dress

Her wide soft curls have us all jealous, the Queen manages to look extremely elegant in all her events. With her small clutch in one hand and her outstanding confidence in another, we admire the smooth flow of the dress embellished by simple precious accessories.

Queen Rania of Jordan looks stunning in her traditional Jordanian pattern and white gown

No one could pull such a timeless look during the Jordanian Independence Day, expect the Queen! She added underneath her white gown patterns of her culture and then she matched it with a waist belt that sealed the deal.

Queen Rania of Jordan at the White House in an Adeam dress

Have you seen Melania Trump? Because all eyes were on the Queen of Jordan during her visit to the White House. Wearing an elegant pastel Adeam outfits, Queen Rania looked dazzling! Her make-up is such a statement that we rarely put the spotlight on it, she wears it so natural and simple, always embellishing it with her sweet smile.

Queen Rania in a dazzling jacket

Casual? More like straight out of Fashion weeks! Again, with the beautiful smile we notice in all picture, Queen Rania looked stunning in a pair of jeans and a very stylish black jacket with a brown belt.  Her signature hairstyle also raised the casual bar and with so little shades of makeup we wonder how can someone look so gorgeous.

Queen Rania wearing Leather in Madrid

The classic shirt under leather style has gained a new meaning with Queen Rania. Her white shirt with stripes and neck lace tucked under her knee-length leather skirt gave the Queen a very mature elegant look. To break the black and white combination she decided to lighten up the mood with red earrings dangling under her wide curls.

Queen Rania in a very Stylish Dress

We don’t know where to start here. Her dress, straight out of the Fashion world is a bit rebel in its details: uneven at the neck, big statement belt -which gives her a very feminine look- and double layered front end. With her signature curls and makeup, the Queen decided to style them with round earrings and a colorful bag. The queen masters the art of blending colors and shapes to give life to her outfits. Her bag adds colors of joy to her black and white very chic dress, with the letter “R” on the bag’s scarf. The shoes? They are to-die for, we cannot stop looking at them!