Queen Rania releases a rare statement concerning her outfits

A Real Queen Indeed
By Helena Saadeh
January 04, 2019

An official statement was released by Queen Rania Al-Abdullah’s office on January 2nd regarding criticisms of the royal’s wardrobe. It seems that a lot of non-Jordanian blogs in the past year criticized the plethora of designer pieces her Majesty wears on a daily basis and the expenses she sheds on her closet. The statement released that all these articles are related to the concept of sensationalism and propaganda.

Her majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah is quite open to criticism and opposed view as she considers all this a part of any state’s operation. The statement itself issues the fact that all the falsified statements hide the fact that the Queen does much more than just wear designer clothes, these blogs should shed the light on more important matters.

 “As her majesty has sought to represent Jordan properly, she has consistently maintained a balance between that and the moderation of spending. The vast majority of her majesty’s clothing is either loaned to her by the role of fashion, or presents as gifts, or purchased at reduced preferential rates, while the blogs in her estimates are based on the “market value” Which creates the wrong impression and contrary to reality,” the office posted this statement on the Queen’s Facebook page.

Most of the clothes her majesty wears are either borrowed by fashion houses, offered as presents, or are bought at reduced preferential prices. The statement said that people should talk about the charity work her majesty does. The fact that the statement has no facts makes the whole thing up for debate.