Rabih Kayrouz

July 04, 2019

20 years after its establishment in the heart of Beirut and 10 years after its debut in Paris, Maison Rabih Kayrouz reveals its new identity in Gemmayze Daher Palace, a beautiful house from the nineteenth century. To begin its third cycle since its creation, the house has launched its new logo, a business card of the 21st century announcing its new take off.

The elegant Dagher Palace is the perfect backdrop for the Maison Rabih Kayrouz collections. Impeccably restored by the architect and owner Fadlo Dagher, the place was once a silk weaving factory. Where the thread was formerly woven, it is now sewn. "When you enter the house, you feel that you are part of a large painting, with a baroque decor superbly offset by the Mediterranean light," reveals the creator.

This "big picture" will be reinterpreted season by season by the new collections certainly, but also by the artists and designers invited to beautify the place. A blank canvas that will be painted and renewed each season.


Three words to define your new Gemmayze workshop?
A roof, a heart and light.

One of your best fashion memories?
A Yohji Yamamoto fashion show in the 90’s. I think it was one of the moments when I could cry while attending a show. It was very, very beautiful.

Your definition of fashion?
When I think fashion, I think old fashioned.

Your main personality trait?
I have lots of features, I have wrinkles (laughs).

The one you are least proud of?
I can shut up when I do not have to.

How do you relax?
I walk.

Your advice?
I live.

An adjective that describes you?

On a desert island, what would you take?
I enjoy leaving alone, without anything.

The three basics of your dressing room?
That's all I wear: a white shirt, navy blue pants and a work jacket.

The casting of an ideal dinner at home?
Bring people together, introduce them to each other and offer them a great meal.

The gift you offer often?
I discovered lately that I like to offer stones: diamonds, a crystal, quartz, minerals ... There is something in the gesture of the stone which is quite beautiful, a certain energy and charm that I find exceptional. I used to offer flowers but the idea that the flowers tarnish and die makes me sad, the stones are immortal.

A music in your life?
I like silence. I do not need to fill the silence...

An encounter that striked you?
Many, and very touching each time. I love meeting people, I'm always open.

A luxury?
Taking my time. You know, it's like when we drive, we always have the choice between taking the highway to get to our destination quickly or taking the small roads and make nice discoveries. I prefer to give myself the luxury of this time. I take the small roads where I have the luxury of stopping. When I travel alone especially in Paris, I sometimes take my car and venture into the narrow streets. At that moment, luxury is really about taking the time. My new store concretizes this need to take advantage of the present time, I conceived it in the same vision of taking my time, that's my luxury.

Your favorite city?
The world is too big to have one favorite city.

A shopping address?
I like traditional souks.

Your favorite restaurant?
I love the real kitchens and the cooking of moms, so I'm not really a fan of restaurants.

Your walks?
I like to discover places off the beaten track, when I even arrive in Venice, the most touristic town, I really do circuits where I let myself get lost, not in typical places or tourist areas. I like to discover and I often try to live the experience of each city as locals live it, I lose myself in popular markets, neighborhoods, gardens…

Your cultural spots?
To discover a culture for me is to stay in a café and watch the locals go by. For example in Beirut, I find that walking on the waterfront is a lesson of culture and diversity. You can spend hours there, and you will spot chic women jogging with their driver waiting for them, as well as families with children playing and groups of friends who come to smoke their shisha. A melting pot that summarizies the Beirut culture.