Rami Kadi: from Lebanon to the world

Lebanon, USA, India, China, and more…
By Helena Saadeh
January 18, 2019

Rami Kadi is a Lebanese-American fashion designer. His style is a combination of blended mix of opportunity, liberation and customary warmth. While these universes now and again conflict, they additionally fit into another. As the designer was very young, Rami Kadi built up an energy for the specialty of weaving and different old art aptitudes. As he meanders alone through form workshops, he vanquishes textures and materials encompassing him, imagining everything about flawlessness. Here are some recent designs by Rami Kadi worn by A-list celebrities.


Angela Baby, a Chinese Actress, looked stunning in a light Swarovski Crystals embedded gown. The textures are magical and the design is timeless: the dress speaks for itself.


*takes a deep breath*… the “custom-made metallic ombré jumpsuit embellished with plexiglass laser-cut mirrors” looked stunning on Myriam Fares as she celebrated the new year. Rami kadi went the extra mile and made the outfit iconic with a matching magical cape.


It’s Jenny from the block! JLo looked dazzling as she shimmered in a crystal hand-embroidered nude illusion gown. Anything would look good on her, to be honest, but Rami Kadi made her look so much dreamy and like never before.


A new Disney princess? Sonam Kapoor looked like she came straight out of a fairytale in her light pinkish feathered and embroidered off-shoulder dress.