Rihanna will be Emmanuel Macron's Special Guest

It all started on Twitter.
July 24, 2017

On Monday, June 24, Rihanna contacted French President Emmanuel Macron via Twitter to ask him to join the Global Partnership for Education, an organization where she has been the ambassador since September 2016. This humanitarian project aims to provide education to poor or 'war-affected' children.

"Bonjour Emmanuel Macron, will France commit to Fund Education?" asked the 'Wild Thoughts' singer. It was only recently that Macron replied; the latter organized a meeting with Rihanna at the Elysée to talk about it. The American star had also reached out to Francois Hollande when he was still president, but that did not come to anything.

This Saturday, the presidential services announced that the new French president would receive the 29-year-old singer on Wednesday July 26 at the Elysée Palace.


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