Rima Fakih VS. Maya Reaidy

Who's right and who's wrong?
By Helena Saadeh
January 13, 2019
Let us start by clarifying the story a bit for you: Adel Karam hosted Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Reaidy as a guest for his show on MTV. During the talk, Ready shaded that she was left "ALL ALONE" during the Miss Universe contest. The debate goes whether or not this story is true. Our job here is to dig to the heart of the story and tell you the points of view. The story went viral after the shady post Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010 shared on Instagram stating that:"#tb to when I did it up there ALL ALONE and made history!!! ALWAYS stay humble and grateful". As seen on social media platforms, people who supported Maya said that first there is a difference between a national pageant contest and a universal one. Second, in big beauty contests such a Miss Universe, every contestant should have a team just like the crowed Catriona Grey had and thanked, but they believe that Fakih failed to do the job. Third, Reaidy's supporters remind in comments that Rima was one of the only four Miss USA contestants not to be qualified to the semi-finals. On the other side, people see Maya contradicting herself and blaming others by being ungreatful. If you see Maya's feed, you'll notice she shared a video where Rima Fakih introduced her to the elite of the pageant industry and helped her through all the process. The real question to ask here is why people are blaming Rima even though she took Miss Lebanon to a new level, and was there any real "team" for previous contestants before? Rima Fakih put all her time in this Competition and even helped Mira Toulany in Miss World 2018 as seen on her comment feed.