Ronaldo's mom attacks Payet: nobody messes with momma's boy!

She's really outraged.
July 12, 2016

He has done it again: Cristiano Ronaldo was injured in the final of Euro 2016, which kept him from continuing the game. The French player, Dimitri Payet, is responsible for the accident, and Ronaldo's mother is furious against him.

Dolores Aveiro is very angry against Payet and expressed her disappointment on social networks: "I cannot see my son like that. The concept of the game is to hit the ball, not to hurt the opponent."

Fans of the Portuguese team almost lost hope after this incident, they did not expect his teammates to win the European title for the first time, which they did!

Following the victory, the player Pepe said: "It was very difficult, really. He's our leader, he's the one that gives us hope and trust. When he said he could not continue, I told my teammates that we had to fight for him, win for him."