The imprint of your allure.
September 19, 2016

The first lip ink by CHANEL for intense, long-wearing and ultra-lightweight color.
After the Fall 2016 collection, LE ROUGE • COLLECTION N°1, created by Lucia Pica and the Makeup Creation Studio, CHANEL continues its homage to the color red by reinterpreting its role in an original way.

ROUGE ALLURE INK devotes itself to the beauty of the lips and explores an avant-garde territory, that of matte liquid lip color, initiating a new style with an unprecedented sensation. It’s extremely comfortable velvet-soft texture reinvents the matte effect and takes color audacity to new heights with an intense, ultra-luminous makeup result. Like an ink, it instantly and weightlessly fuses with the lips to leave a lasting imprint. It appeals with its intense colors, lasting hold and exceptional comfort.

One of a kind, ROUGE ALLURE INK inaugurates a new way to wear lipstick. An ultra-fine ink composed solely of raw materials selected for their extreme thinness and melt-away quality, this ultra-fine ink leaves lips soft and supple. With its combination of polymers, wax and vegetal oils, the formula glides easily over the lips, adapting perfectly to their every curve. Fluid and creamy, the texture immediately becomes one with the lips.


A second-skin matte finish

With its volatile oils, the texture becomes matte on the lips for a velvet effect. On application, the formula adheres beautifully, offering exceptional coverage. The result is surprising, perfectly even and wonderfully weightless.


A comfortable texture

Color is even more radiant on supple, protected lips. This is why ROUGE ALLURE INK also contains an emollient agent, jojoba oil, and the ROUGE ALLURE antioxidant complex composed of sappan wood, green tea, sweet almond oil and a Vitamin E derivative. This blend improves lip hydration and protection for maximum comfort. Lips are shielded from environmental stress. Smooth, soft and silky, they are suppler and more beautiful than ever.


Intense, long-wearing shades

ROUGE ALLURE INK stands out with its intense colors and irrepressible shine. Captured in a close-knit mesh of polymers, waxes and non-volatile oils, the finely ground pigments perfectly adhere to the lips and deliver the color intensity of a lipstick with 6-hour* hold. Color makes a deep and radiant statement from the very first stroke.


The range of shades

With a palette of 8 shades, ROUGE ALLURE INK is perfect for quick, original and bold makeup looks, made easy with the flocked applicator. Every expression of the color red is explored, from the most classic to the most brazen, by way of the most discreet.



140 Amoureux: rosy beige
142 Créatif: fresh pink
144 Vivant: orange
146 Séduisant: luminous pink
148 Libéré: bright red
150 Luxuriant: reddy pink
152 Choquant: deep red
154 Expérimenté: plum red