Samer Khouzami: "Beauty is a source of power"

By Janine Ayoub
March 13, 2018

With nearly two million subscribers on his Instagram account, Samer Khouzami is a makeup guru. Amazing contouring skills combined with his technique and vision of beauty makes perfection. In contrast to the nude trend, Samer Khouzami is experimenting and changing the codes of beauty.

He discovered his passion at an early age. After studying graphic design, he ventured into the world of makeup. The world of beauty fascinates him, the woman is his muse. For this magician, makeup is much more than superficial. Makeup transforms the woman and allows her to gain confidence. Beauty rhymes with femininity. His mission is to sublimate and reveal this beauty. The master of contouring defends his brushes. Because beyond the issues of eyeshadow, blush and highlighting, our relationship with ourselves is at stake. If makeup allows women to accept themselves, to protect themselves and to love each other, then why deprive themselves? In 2011, he founded the fashion house Samer Khouzami in Ain el Tine with a dedicated team of makeup artists, his "soldiers", as he likes to call them.
Each of his make-up tools represents a sensory experience. Soon after, his career was propelled and Samer became the favorite makeup artist of the magazines and celebrities of the Arab world. The young talent aimed for the international and launched his famous "master classes". A trip around the world to spread his expertise in the beauty industry and his unique talent. Samer Khouzami has visited more than 35 destinations and distributed more than 3860 certificates. His first tour in 2014 is called "The Ultimate Beauty Tour". In 2015, "Samer Khouzami's dream tour" is followed by "the tour of reality" and in 2017, "the final world tour" had exceeded his expectations. With full year-round bookings, Samer Khouzami has established himself as an internationally renowned makeup artist. The young man is also a skilled businessman at the head of his eponymous cosmetics brand, a success story that the artist still relives and builds.

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