“Santa Baby” on a whole new level

Miley Cyrus brought feminism to Christmas
By Helena Saadeh
December 23, 2018

Miley Cyrus changed the rule of the Christmas songs! Empowered and feminist and independent we are. The singer who recently lost her home in Malibu made a very-well known Christmas song more iconic than ever. How? The sexist song that alleged to many inappropriate demands and actions has been transformed into a very self-empowered song as Miley changed some lyrics during the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. When Miley Cyrus took the stage, she switched lyrics as she sang: “"Santa Baby, I don't need any fancy jewelry / Not me / I've got something else in mind." One of the most iconic lyrics Cyrus created was her declaration of independence. "I can buy my own damn stuff," the pop star effortlessly sings. Since Fallon could not handle the song by himself, he reached out to fellow Mark Ronson. Together, Jimmy and Mark dangled keys to designer cars in front of Miley, but she paid no mind to the boys, after all she bought her own car "all on her own". Miley chanted for gender equality and the crowd went wild as she said: "a girl's best friend is equal pay"

For example, Miley sings, "Stop interrupting me when I talk and don't text me pictures of your—", however, Mark’s phone rang before she could finish the lyrics.



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