Say Hello to 2018 with Angel Makeup

Simple yet amazing!
December 11, 2017

Sparkly lips
This year’s lip trend: zero shade, a million sparkles. A little bit (or a lot) of glitter will give you this sweet/pure look, and this is what the 2018 trend is all about. Go for a clear glitter lip balm or gloss, and you’re good to go!
Natural brows
Hooray! We can finally say goodbye to those super fake blocky brows. This year calls for clean, feathery, brushed-up brows. There’s nothing that needs to be done except for a little combing through your arches with a transparent mascara to enhance the shape. This way, your brow routine will go from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.
Angel eyeliner
As we said before, we’re aiming for the angelic look this year, and angelic implies pure colors such as white. Yes folks; white winged liner is the trend of 2018. It proved a huge hit on the Spring Summer 2018 catwalk, and we can’t wait to try it! But don’t forget to keep the rest of your makeup clean and minimal so you can pull off the angel look.
Dot liner
We find this trend super cute and simple. All you have to do is draw two or three dots on the outer edge of your eye using a liquid eyeliner, and voilà! No need to struggle with those impossible winged eyeliners anymore! The dots you draw can be of any color you want, but it’s best that you settle with either black or white.