Scary skinny Angelina Jolie

This divorce is surely one of Hollywood’s nastiest divorces.
December 01, 2016

This divorce is surely one of Hollywood’s nastiest divorces. An unnamed source claims the stress has gotten so severe that Jolie is down to an incredible 34 kilograms.

Jolie’s eating habits have gotten worse ever since she filed for divorce in September.

Despite the positive comments, the divorce has taken a toll on Pitt as well. The actor has lost around 9 kilograms since the split. Even still, his weight loss is nothing compared to what Jolie is going through.

“Angelina’s tearing her hair out over this latest development,” the source stated. “The fear is that she’ll end up in the hospital on a feeding tube!”

The insider continued, “Angie was furious when she was informed that authorities determined that Brad did not commit child abuse during an altercation with their son Maddox on a private jet. I think she expected them to throw the book at him!”

In addition to the weight loss, Radar Online is reporting that Jolie has reverted to chain smoking. Despite Jolie’s fear of getting cancer, the actress has replaced food with cigarettes.

“Angie doesn’t eat, she chain-smokes,” a source told the outlet. “She easily goes through two packs a day. The cigarettes kill her appetite, but she’s already skin and bones. This last thing she should be doing is skipping meals!”