Setting up the mood for sex

Here are five ways to do it.
By Helena Saadeh
November 09, 2018

It is always a good idea to bring life back to your relationship. The key is to always make an effort and change the boring routine - even if you do not feel like doing it. We suggested a few tips to help you set yourself in the mood for sex using simple tricks.

  • Candles

We always underestimate the power of candles. Yet, the outcome they have on your mood is huge on so many levels. Initially, scented candles have such a relaxing energy that will help de-stress you. Now that the tension if off, it is good to know that studies proved the following: the small light originated by the candle will give your body a sexier and warmer look. However, don’t forget to turn them off when their job is done.

  • Music

the best way to blend in the mood requires activating your five senses. Calm music is necessary to let yourself enjoy the moment. We suggest playing classics such as Je T’apprendrai L’amour, faisons l’amour, or How I love you.

  • Whisper

Women usually have a soft and soothing voice, know how to use it ladies. Whispering triggers feelings of intimacy. The rule depends on your partner so the phrases can range from “remember the time when __” to “I love it when ___”.

  • Intentions

Go straight to the point and make your intentions clear. This could start by the way you dress: no need for lingerie all the time, a button-down t-shirt will do the work sometimes too. You can also go extra and add rose petals on the sheets or dark chocolate for treats.

  • Less light

With the candle lights and soft music, you don’t need much extra light sources coming to your house. Close your curtains and dim the light (or turn it off). Keep the ambiance warm and tense with the candle light reflecting shadows on the wall.