Sex: 16 fun and useful info

We bet you can surprise your partner with those facts.
February 08, 2017

If you think you know everything about sex, we doubt you’ve heard of these few facts. Here are 16 unusual and incredible facts we bet you can surprise your partner with during your next naughty talk...

Only 3% of men can practice self-fellatio. One way perhaps to prove that no one treats you better than yourself!

The Food Porn is an undeniable truth. Some people admit feeling sexual arousal just by thinking about food! You just had a sudden urge for chocolate by reading this? You’re not the only one! We have always praised chocolate for its aphrodisiac effect, but did you know that the smell of pumpkin helps boosting an erection? The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago said so!

Ejaculation is an excellent solution to nasal congestion. Incredible but true. During intercourse, your inner nose swells just like your breasts and genitals due to increased blood flow. The next time you have a stuffy nose, gentlemen, you know what to do!

Women who are prone to migraines should make love more often. The body releases, during sex, endorphins that relieve the headache while reducing stress and boosting your good mood!

Masturbation could save lives! It is especially recommended to people suffering from depression since it releases hormones during orgasm, which helps relaxing. Moreover, the vibrator was invented in the nineteenth century to cure "feminine hysteria". Want to test?

Know that a woman reaches an orgasm in four minutes of masturbation; on the other hand it will take her 10 to 20 minutes during intercourse ...

A woman is more prone to commit adultery during her ovulation period. In fact, this is an instinctive response to the urge of her body to fertilize the egg. An argument to use, ladies, in case you are caught red-handed!

There is no need to spend a fortune on cosmetics. Several studies show that regular sexual intercourse doubles the level of estrogen, making the skin and hair softer and  more radiant.

Let's talk nutrition: sex burns between 100 and 200 calories on average for a man for only 69 calories for women… Discrimination has no limits!  But hey, female orgasm lasts on average 20 seconds against 6 seconds for a man. Thank you Mother Nature!

In case the end of the male species is near, no worries for the reproduction of the human species. The sperm of a single man is enough to fertilize all the fertile women of the globe! Let's stay it in numbers: a man produces 53 liters of sperm during his lifetime.

The average speed of a jet of sperm is about 45 km per hour, faster than the world record of 100 meters, being 36.8 km per hour. But the highest speed ever recorded is 68.7 km / h while the longest sperm jet is 5.4 meters away.

Notice to computer experts: only one sperm contains 37.5 megabits of DNA information. In other words, the total storage capacity of a single ejaculation is equivalent to the total storage capacity of 62 Macbook Pro... Cool!

The clitoris contains 8,000 nerve fibers, twice as many fibers contained in the penis. Gentlemen, it is on this part specifically that you will have to focus next time.

When a woman reaches an orgasm, her vagina shrinks by 30%, this contraction explains the excessive sensitivity of the woman in full orgasm.

You all have a hard time urinating just after intercourse. This is quite normal since your body releases an antidiuretic hormone during orgasm, to prevent you from urinating during sex!

Long before the planetary success of 50 Shades of Grey, medieval society tasted erotic literature thanks to Pope Pius II. Yes, you read that correctly, it is the erotic novel of Pope Pius II, Historia of duobus amntibus (History of two lovers), which was the best-selling work of the fifteenth century.