Sex classes, anyone?

Get ready to go back to school.
February 02, 2017

Being an amazing lover is first and foremost being attentive, respectful and easy going. Many places are offering workshops to improve our sexual performance and our relationships. Are you ready to go back to school for some intensive sex courses?


Tantrism is thousand years old Indian life philosophy. Just like yoga, Tantrism uses breathing and meditation to awaken desire and sexual pleasure. Tantra solicits all senses, the goal is to achieve tantric orgasm, an ecstasy that far exceeds the typical orgasm...

Despite the exercises offered in many guides, learning Tantrism alone is not as easy as you may think. This is why some centers offer seminars and courses for couples:

In France :

L'Ecole du Tantra: Located in the east of Bordeaux, this establishment offers courses of personal development and sacred sexuality.

Cocoon: This place, located in Paris, offers for singles or couples, courses in tantric massage, tantra and meditation. Http://

Claire de Lys: Claire is a life coach that organizes, in the suburbs of Paris, evenings, courses, and initiatory trips for couples and singles.

In England :

Diamond Light Tantra: This center, located in London, teaches Tantrism classes to couples. Several sessions are available, depending on the level reached by the registrants.

In the USA :

Tantra for Awakening: courses or retreats that range from two days to one week in Arizona, to learn how to explore your sexual energy.

Under the sign of the Tao

Taoism is a five thousand years old ancient system of religious and philosophical beliefs born in China. According to Taoism, sex boosts vitality, senses, mind and health. The sexual act thus symbolizes harmony, but in order to attain it, it is necessary to find a balance between the sexual energies of the man and the woman and thus arrive at a perfect sexual understanding.

In France :

The Art of Loving: Learn the tao massage to boost your libido and allow you to free your body and mind.

Rediscovering your couple

You can also try simpler and funnier seminars for couples.

In Belgium :

The senses of love: Practical workshops offer couples the opportunity to strengthen their communication and discover new experiences.

In the USA :

The Pleasure Course and / or The Sensuality Expansion Program: Erwan and Alicia Davon are a couple in real life and amazing coaches. They offer seminars, combining theoretical lessons and practical work, to enable couples (and single people) to discover their sensuality, and to reach orgasm.

One Taste: Do you want to explore new horizons in orgasm and learn orgasmic meditation? You probably know the G-Spot, but in this place, you’ll get to meet the 1 o'clock spot!